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Article from VOGUE Daily

Hola fashionistas!!

I ran across this article as i was reading VOGUE online. In my ***Outfit of the Day*** posts I try to emphasize and encourage to take advantage of SALES, discounts, etc. Don’t spend all your money on 1 pair of Jimmy Choo’s or on the newest Fendi bag….well unless you can afford to do those things, then go ahead and splurge, BUT you can still be “Super Cheap, But Still Chic” (which is the name of the VOGUE Daily fashion article). So check it out if you have time, and if you do look at picture 8, its so CUTE!! Here’s the link:

-Submitted by Eranne Whiters


***Outfit of the Day***

  • Image

***Outfit of the Day***


  • Copper colored 3/4 sleeve blouse
  • Pearl earrings
  • Dark wash bell bottom style jeans (For my petite fashionistas we have to be aware that some pants can make us look shorter than we are .:and there’s nothing wrong with being short, I love being small:. [FYI I’m 5’1″]…..anyways, as you can see, these pants almost cover my entire shoe, which is why whatever heel I wear with these pants has to have a pretty nice height to them.) 
  • Nude pumps
  • Fossil watch

I definitely should’ve had on some type of necklace! (Remember, accessories help make the outfit!)


  • Copper colored blouse- I got it on sale at Forever XXI
  • Pearl Earrings- I’m sure ANY place that sells jewelry will have some nice pearls
  • Dark wash jeans- Found them on sale at Rue 21
  • Nude Pumps- Shoe Carnival
  • Fossil watch- Macy’s


Out with family!

This would be a nice look for going out to dinner, out with friends, or anywhere you want to be (in my words) “casually cute!”

***Outfit of the Day***


***Outfit of the Day***


  • Gold turtle necklace
  • Chocolate long sleeve shirt
  • Blue denim jeggings
  • FOSSIL watch
  • Cream lace tank
  • Cream fashion scarf
  • Tan boyfriend cardigan
  • Dark brown combat boots


  • Tan boyfriend cardigan, Dark brown combat boots & Cream fashion scarf: Forever XXI
  • Chocolate long sleeve shirt: Hollister
  • Blue denim jeggings: AVON
  • Cream lace tank: American Eagle

**Correction: I just noticed my Gold & cream turtle necklace is NOT from Forever XXI, its from Body Central, sorry guys!

 FOSSIL watch: Macy’s


   To my place of employment.

.:This outfit is good for a cold day (check out the layering: tank, shirt &sweater) and if you just want to be casually cute!:.

Adios Amigos!!

A Break from ***Outfit of the Day***


Hola Muchachos!

Taking a break from ***Outfit of the Day*** today to show you guys some designs from a fashion show I did back in November. A dance group, NOIR, from Illinois State put on a fashion show “Retro Revolution” focusing on fashion and style from the 70s, 80s, 90s, current, and the future. I designed for the 70s scene! You see it, Platform Heels, Afros, Bell Bottoms, and Loud colors with floral designs!

Description of Garments: (from left to right)

  • Model 1: Taupe colored one sleeve dress, jeweled neckline, strappy sandal heels, blonde curly afro wig
  • Model 2: Tan colored one sleeve midriff top, Rust colored high-waist bell bottoms, Cognac booties
  • ME: Black elbow length sleeve top, Gray paper-bag skirt with Black and white belt, Black pumps
  • Model 3: Tan colored quarter sleeve blouse, Gold hoop earrings, Gold necklace, High waist floral shorts, Nude Platform heels (sooooooo cute)!!

Where to get these looks:

  • ME!! Everything in this pic (except the black shirt I’m wearing) was made and styled by…..ME!!!

Just wanted to share some of my creations with you all…more to come later, hope you enjoy!

.:Good Day:.

Fashion is architecture. It is a matter of proportions.
-Coco Chanel

***Outfit of the Day***


.:Outfit for the Day:.


    • Black and gray knitted dolman top
    • Black straight leg pants
    • Black Riding Boots
    • Silver watch
    • Black and silver flower necklace


    • Black and gray knitted dolman top, Black straight leg, Black and silver flower necklace: Forever 21
    • Silver watch: AVON
    • Black Riding Boots: Shoe Carnival


    • A day out on the town… shopping and to the movies!


Fashion is not frivolous. It is a part of being alive today.
-Mary Quant

***Outfit of the Day***

Today’s *Outfit of the Day* will be my “transformation edition.” I want to stay relevant with the current season but since I have some pictures from the spring/summer I figured why not show you guys how to transform them into fall/winter outfits…



**Outfit of the Day: Transformation Edition**

    • Chiffon floral print ruffle tank
    • Camel colored tank
    • Olive green pants
    • Cognac colored peep toe pumps

(Now I do love wearing heels but wheeeeewwww these shoes make my toes numb,… literally!)

    • FOSSIL watch
    • Pearl charm bracelet
    • Guess what, my whole outfit (blouse, tank, pants, &shoes) came from Forever XXI…I know what your thinking and yes I do shop at other places, you’ll see lol
    • My FOSSIL watch was a gift but I think it came from Macy’s
    • My pearl bracelet………………*thinking*…………………………….I think I got it from AVON
    • This particular day I think I went to class (I had to change into some Oxfords though) BUT I also wore this outfit (with a cardigan) to an interview for an internship and GOT IT!

*Fashion Style/ Tip: For people looking for jobs/ internships that are fashion related, you don’t always have to wear business suits for interviews, you can show off your own style!

.:The Transformation:.

      Now this is a “springy” outfit but to wear this during cooler seasons here’s some suggestions:

  • Un-cuff the pants, take off the heels and put on some tan Oxfords or if its really cold dark brown or cognac colored boots always works
  • Throw on a jean jacket with a brown infinity scarf, or brown cardigan…or *light bulb appears* a tan blazer would really jazz this up!!

*Tip for blazer: Wear a blazer that hits right at the hip! (for us shorter folks I wouldn’t suggest wearing the “boyfriend” blazer, it may make you look shorter than you are or even “boxy”…that’s no bueno!

Alllllright, that’s it for today guys. If you want to know how to transform your own spring/summer outfits into fall/winter looks, comment here or find me on Twitter (@ELDubEnt) and we can put something Fabulous together!

Until next time,…..PEACE, LOVE, AND ICE CREAM!!


***Outfit of the Day***


***Outfit for the Day***

    • Orange button down blouse
    • Distressed skinny-slouch jeans
    • High gloss leopard print belt
    • Animal print scarf/ necktie
    • Nude pumps
    • Gold and cream bangles

**Now normally I wouldn’t wear animal print in two different areas of my outfit but because the print on the belt isn’t bold, I decided to go ahead and throw on the scarf…With that being said, just because your shirt is an animal (leopard, giraffe, zebra, cheetah) print DOES NOT mean you have to wear matching animal print shoes because sometimes you may end up looking like the animal itself…not trying to offend anyone if that’s your preference, just be careful with your selections! *smile*

    • Orange blouse, Distressed jeans, Belt, Bangles- Forever XXI
    • Nude pumps- Shoe Carnival
    • Animal print scarf/ necktie- picked it up while on a random trip to the thrift store…and you know I washed it before wearing it!
    • To a pageant and out with some friends

**Tip on other ways to wear the scarf / necktie:

  • If carrying a handbag, you can tie the scarf around one of the straps
  • If the scarf is long enough, you can wear it as a belt
  • Use it as a head band


I’m also wearing a FOSSIL pearlized watch on my other arm…watches serve as great accessories alone!

Fashion is about good energy. It’s about feelings. That’s what I have to give the people, good energy and good feelings. –Adriana Lima