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Women’s Neckties for #WardrobeWednesday

Women’s Neckties for #WardrobeWednesday

A day late but always great fashion! Check out House Of Rena new neckties!!!



A Stylish Look for Anyone

ImageA Stylish Look for Anyone!

A lot of times I hear that I can get away with wearing anything because I’m “so petite” well here is a look that I feel is versatile for many body types.

A full peasant blouse with what I like to call a “flowy” hem worn with a pencil skirt. Adding a skinny belt (which can be worn high or low) to the blouse creates a new look. The belt accentuates the waist while giving the blouse a peplum look ( I LOVE peplum blouses). The peplum is a great look for all body types; for example, Flute: not really curvy, but just straight up and down…peplums will add volume and help create an hourglass shape).

As for accessories I kept it pretty simple:

-Big pearl ring

-Watch (always serves as a great accessory)

-Gold and cream bangles

-Long gold earrings

FASHION TIP: If you wear long earrings (that are the length of your neck or longer, there is no need for a necklace)

With the shoes, I wore flat sandals although a pump or wedge would have been cute too!

Try it Out!!




Yes, I’m definitely wearing a Denim dress! Denim is Back! (Not that it ever really left).  Long-sleeve, button down denim dress with a belted waist, worn with cream tights, cognac colored boots, gold and cream accessories and cream scarf (although a floral print scarf would have been better!).

This look just makes me want to go through my dad’s closet to see if he has any old denim shirts that I can wear as a dress. Ladies, you should try it! Ask the men in your family if they have any old oversized denim shirts (not too big) that you can have. Wrap a belt around your waist, roll up the sleeves, throw on some accessories and WA-LAH …you’ll have a denim dress too!

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” –Yves Saint Laurent

What’s in this Spring?



Although we’ve been having some pretty nice Spring weather, unfortunately its still Winter…..BUT Spring is right around the corner! We’re getting a couple more minutes of daylight each day, the weather has been fabulous (considering I live in the midwest and its February!),  AND new Spring clothes are beginning to come out in the stores!! I haven’t started my Summer/Spring shopping yet but I will soon.

While reading magazines, seeing advertisements, looking at fashion shows and walking through the mall, I’ve noticed some new trends for the new season.

I know it may seem as though its too early to be talking about shopping for spring/summer clothes BUT in the “Fashion World” everything is in production no less that 6 months to a year before consumers see it. *confused face?* Meaning: The new clothes that you’ll buy for this summer were thought of, designed, and put into production a year ago; the clothes you’ll buy for Fall/Winter 2012 are already (more than likely) in production, and the designs for Spring/ Summer 2013 are probably being finalized right now (well not right now, right now but you know what I mean)! Anyway not that you cared to know any of that, I just though I’d let you in on a little “Fashion Fun Fact.”

So, here are some trendy styles, silhouettes and colors that many designers used for this Spring and they’ll probably find their way into your closets!

*Color Block and Stripes (clothes, shoes and accessories)

*Polka Dots

*Neon Colors, Yellow, Oranges and Tangerines

*Peplum shirts, skirts and dresses

*Floral print…even on footwear (of course, its the springy thing to wear)

*Midriffs (so get that tummy tight!!)

*Sequin bottoms (tops, shorts, skirts, pants, AND footwear)

*Retro styles (60s & 70s)

*Nautical/ Sailor look

*etc, etc.

There are more fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2012, but these are just the ones that many designers and some companies have been focusing on.

“Consumers look to spring for renewed energy, optimism and the promise of a brighter day,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®

Hope you all enjoyed… get to shopping!!!


***Outfit of the Day***

***Outfit of the Day***


  • Black Drawstring Tunic style blouse (worn with a black cami underneath)
  • Black Leggings
  • *Option 1 for shoes: Black pointed toe flats with bow (for a dressy look)
  • *Option 2 for shoes: Black riding boots (for a more casual look….really cute!)

*Fashion Tip: Outfit can be accessorized with long silver necklace, a nice watch, silver bangles, etc. (Black and silver always look good together)


  •  Black Drawstring Tunic Shirt: JCPenney from Nicole Miller’s line……Oh I got the       shirt on sale too
  • Black Leggings: Old Navy….bought them on sale as well!
  • Black Pointed toe flats: Express
  • Black Riding Boots: Shoe Carnival



  • Well when I wore this I wore the riding boots with a long silver heart necklace, and silver and black watch. I got several compliments when I wore it, very simple and chic!

Article from VOGUE Daily

Hola fashionistas!!

I ran across this article as i was reading VOGUE online. In my ***Outfit of the Day*** posts I try to emphasize and encourage to take advantage of SALES, discounts, etc. Don’t spend all your money on 1 pair of Jimmy Choo’s or on the newest Fendi bag….well unless you can afford to do those things, then go ahead and splurge, BUT you can still be “Super Cheap, But Still Chic” (which is the name of the VOGUE Daily fashion article). So check it out if you have time, and if you do look at picture 8, its so CUTE!! Here’s the link:

-Submitted by Eranne Whiters

***Outfit of the Day***

  • Image

***Outfit of the Day***


  • Copper colored 3/4 sleeve blouse
  • Pearl earrings
  • Dark wash bell bottom style jeans (For my petite fashionistas we have to be aware that some pants can make us look shorter than we are .:and there’s nothing wrong with being short, I love being small:. [FYI I’m 5’1″]…..anyways, as you can see, these pants almost cover my entire shoe, which is why whatever heel I wear with these pants has to have a pretty nice height to them.) 
  • Nude pumps
  • Fossil watch

I definitely should’ve had on some type of necklace! (Remember, accessories help make the outfit!)


  • Copper colored blouse- I got it on sale at Forever XXI
  • Pearl Earrings- I’m sure ANY place that sells jewelry will have some nice pearls
  • Dark wash jeans- Found them on sale at Rue 21
  • Nude Pumps- Shoe Carnival
  • Fossil watch- Macy’s


Out with family!

This would be a nice look for going out to dinner, out with friends, or anywhere you want to be (in my words) “casually cute!”

***Outfit of the Day***


***Outfit of the Day***


  • Gold turtle necklace
  • Chocolate long sleeve shirt
  • Blue denim jeggings
  • FOSSIL watch
  • Cream lace tank
  • Cream fashion scarf
  • Tan boyfriend cardigan
  • Dark brown combat boots


  • Tan boyfriend cardigan, Dark brown combat boots & Cream fashion scarf: Forever XXI
  • Chocolate long sleeve shirt: Hollister
  • Blue denim jeggings: AVON
  • Cream lace tank: American Eagle

**Correction: I just noticed my Gold & cream turtle necklace is NOT from Forever XXI, its from Body Central, sorry guys!

 FOSSIL watch: Macy’s


   To my place of employment.

.:This outfit is good for a cold day (check out the layering: tank, shirt &sweater) and if you just want to be casually cute!:.

Adios Amigos!!