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Trey Songz- Heart Attack

Trey Songz- Heart Attack

Trey Songz- Heart Attack

From Inventing Sex to Sex Ain’t Better Than Love, Trey Songz has come a long way from the young kid in “Gotta Make It”. Fine tuning his image and creating meaningful music has placed Trey Songz in my Top 5 favorite R&B artist.  He connects with his fans like no other artist in the industry and genuinely shows he cares about them.

Judging from the recent released singles, Trey Songz may have a platinum record with the upcoming release of his new album Chapter V. The world premier of the video “Heart Attack” starring Kelly Rowland, speaks volumes to every listening ear. From the line “I’m into deep, Can’t think about giving it up” to “ I never knew love could feel like an heart attack”, are emotions everyone has felt once upon a time.  The video captures the love in the relationships, but also the stress that comes along.  Also showing the strength you need to keep going and fighting for the person you love.

The video “Heart Attack” receives an A+. A great storyline along with an amazing voice. Trey Songz is very talented and I am looking forward for what the future may bring for him.