The Super Bowl XLVIII Preview.

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After months of hard hits, big plays and quarterback controversies, the big game has finally arrived and it sees the AFC Champion Denver Broncos take on the NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks, in a perfect storm match up.  We will finally find out what wins a Super Bowl, offense or defence.

I’ve written about the NFL season throughout the year, making predictions along the way.  My prediction for the Super Bowl prior to the start of the season was Seahawks-Bengals (so not too bad) and though 49ers-Broncos was the second most likely match up (again not too bad).  When I wrote my play-offs preview I managed to go 0-4 in the wild card round (cementing my credibility) but luckily for me (in a betting sense) I went 6-0 for the rest of the play-offs, and this gave us my favourite from the NFC and my second favourite from the AFC.  So…

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