What’s in this Spring?



Although we’ve been having some pretty nice Spring weather, unfortunately its still Winter…..BUT Spring is right around the corner! We’re getting a couple more minutes of daylight each day, the weather has been fabulous (considering I live in the midwest and its February!),  AND new Spring clothes are beginning to come out in the stores!! I haven’t started my Summer/Spring shopping yet but I will soon.

While reading magazines, seeing advertisements, looking at fashion shows and walking through the mall, I’ve noticed some new trends for the new season.

I know it may seem as though its too early to be talking about shopping for spring/summer clothes BUT in the “Fashion World” everything is in production no less that 6 months to a year before consumers see it. *confused face?* Meaning: The new clothes that you’ll buy for this summer were thought of, designed, and put into production a year ago; the clothes you’ll buy for Fall/Winter 2012 are already (more than likely) in production, and the designs for Spring/ Summer 2013 are probably being finalized right now (well not right now, right now but you know what I mean)! Anyway not that you cared to know any of that, I just though I’d let you in on a little “Fashion Fun Fact.”

So, here are some trendy styles, silhouettes and colors that many designers used for this Spring and they’ll probably find their way into your closets!

*Color Block and Stripes (clothes, shoes and accessories)

*Polka Dots

*Neon Colors, Yellow, Oranges and Tangerines

*Peplum shirts, skirts and dresses

*Floral print…even on footwear (of course, its the springy thing to wear)

*Midriffs (so get that tummy tight!!)

*Sequin bottoms (tops, shorts, skirts, pants, AND footwear)

*Retro styles (60s & 70s)

*Nautical/ Sailor look

*etc, etc.

There are more fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2012, but these are just the ones that many designers and some companies have been focusing on.

“Consumers look to spring for renewed energy, optimism and the promise of a brighter day,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®

Hope you all enjoyed…..now get to shopping!!!



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