Style of My Life

Style of My Life

****These posts are just my thoughts and pics about fashion and style****

Just a snippet about me!

I recently graduated from Illinois State University with a Bachelors of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences with a specialization in Apparel Design!

I enjoy drawing, sewing, reading about style and fashion, and of course shopping. I’m an aspiring stylist and designer ready for any challenge!

Random thoughts run through my mind all the time, so unless you follow me on Twitter (@ELDubEnt), you don’t have the pleasure of knowing them, sooooooo:

.:Enjoy some random facts about me:.

  • I LOVE GOD! Point. Blank. Period!
  • I LOVE ANIMALS! My favorite land animals are horses and my favorite sea animals are killer whales.
  • I LOVE TO EAT ICE CREAM! If I could eat ice cream everyday all day and still be healthy, I would!
  • I LOVE HEELS! If I could wear them EVERY TIME I went somewhere and be comfy I probably would!
  • I LOVE THE SUN! When the sun shines….my world is OK!

****I hope you all enjoy my posts feel free to comment or contact me about styling or designing inquiries.****

“Only great minds can afford a simple style.” -Stendhal



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